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Wicked Nights Boxset (first 4 in series)

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Vampire’s Mate (Guardians):

After losing the woman he loved in a demonic war, Marcus is content to live out his immortal days serving his king and waiting for a curse to claim his soul. When the vampire learns the Gods have stepped in and given him another chance, he might embrace it except she is human, and he is in no mood to explain his fangs.

Left at the altar, Cassandra swears off all relationships. But when a sexy stranger who has been interrupting her sleep shows up for real, she is catapulted into a reality she never imagined existed.

Something evil is coming to claim Marcus. Cassie isn’t ready for what being his mate means until his life is threatened. To protect him she must become immortal. Refusing may cost her even more.

The Vampire’s Curse (Beyond The Mist):

She’s fated to break his curse.
He’s destined to kill her.

While traveling to the human realm to feed, king Andrei brings the wrath of a powerful witch down on his head. Now cursed, the vampire cannot cross beyond the mist that hides his world from the mortals. To make matters worse, his people are trapped and starving in his kingdom on the other side. After years of searching, he’s finally discovered a way to break from his living hell. With the clock ticking, he weaves a trap to lure the fated female, who can save them all.

Sonia’s small-town life is finally looking up. With a new job at a local shop called Bedazzled Jewels, she finally feels excitement in the air. When a new trinket at the store evokes strange visions, it isn’t the thrill she is hoping for. Convinced her nightly encounters with a handsome stranger are just dreams, she soon learns not only is he real but in danger.

Being the fated mate to a vampire king is more than just a fairytale, it may mean Sonia’s death. Even after the tarot cards predict her demise, she believes she can change her fate. Andrei moves in for the sacrifice but doesn’t count on her being the one woman he can’t afford to lose. Time has run out and the choices are few. Save his people or spare the woman he loves.

His Burning Desire (Sparks Of Desire):

Dragon shifter Connor O’Rourke loves his life as a firefighter, but one thing remains missing. His mate. She left him high and dry with only a note and the memory of her kiss. When several mysterious arsons are committed in Dallas, the shifter is called in to investigate and discovers Jenna working at the local firehouse.

Jenna Dunne was betrothed to the strong and sexy shifter at birth. While there was no doubt she wanted to be his mate, she is a halfling and might never bear him the children he desires. With his species dwindling and the barbaric rules their society enforces, she knows Connor could toss her aside for another woman. There is only one thing she can do to save her heart. Run.

Connor has two choices, free his mate from the bond that was started long ago or fight for the woman he loves. With an arsonist on the loose, Jenna’s life is in danger, and their chance for happiness may come too late.

Fall Into Darkness (Eternally Mated):

He lost his wings.

She gave up her soul to save him.

Eli has faced his share of enemies, many of whom were once his own brethren. But when the ruling body of the Seven learn a human dies on his watch, they question his compassion. It doesn’t take long for the angel to find himself wingless and back in the mortal realm. He’s never been a saint; a bounty hunter always holds a darker side. But his clock is now ticking and if he doesn’t learn empathy soon, the next place he will land is directly in Hell.

Ashley has never considered her gift “special”. She walks a razor’s edge of sanity and falls deeper into despair every time her visions show her another death. Desperate to escape reality, she runs to her remote cabin in Alaska. If she can’t look a person in the eyes, she won’t watch them die. Hope is something she’s never known until she meets the intense blue gaze of a stranger.

Evil is coming for Ashley and to save her, Eli succumbs to its call. What he doesn’t count on is her tenacity and the fact that she belongs to him. While he’s fighting to save her, she’s busy bargaining with Lucifer to regain Eli’s soul. The price she’s willing to pay just might end their future together.
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