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Bound By Darkness (Eternally Mated 3)

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He took her mother’s life.

Now she wants his.

An angel warrior is never supposed to disobey a command but that is exactly what Lyzander did. Twenty years ago, he spared a little girl’s life while his brethren murdered her family. Now he finds himself a captive in the worst place an angel can be. The pits of Hell. No one is coming to save him until a mysterious female shows up wanting to make a deal.

Kelana hid under the bed while her mother and grandmother were murdered. Left an orphan, the half human, half succubus had to learn how to wield a blade fast or die in Hell. Now grown, she seeks the archangel who was responsible for her family’s death so she can cut out his beating heart. But her journey for revenge puts her back on her father’s radar and he still wants her dead.

Lyzander mates Kelana to protect her. She uses him to seek her revenge. What neither counts on are their growing feelings for each other. But when his dark secret is revealed, it may be more than she can forgive.

These are not your mother’s angels.

"What a dark and twisted tale!"

Step into the steamy, unforgettable fantasy series by Valerie Twombly as she delves into a world of feisty heroines and fallen angels.
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