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Fall Into Darkness (Eternally Mated 1)

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He lost his wings.

She gave up her soul to save him. 

Eli has faced his share of enemies, many of whom were once his own brethren. But when the ruling body of the Seven learn a human dies on his watch, they question his compassion. It doesn’t take long for the angel to find himself wingless and back in the mortal realm. He’s never been a saint; a bounty hunter always holds a darker side. But his clock is now ticking and if he doesn’t learn empathy soon, the next place he will land is directly in Hell.

Ashley has never considered her gift “special”. She walks a razor’s edge of sanity and falls deeper into despair every time her visions show her another death. Desperate to escape reality, she runs to her remote cabin in Alaska. If she can’t look a person in the eyes, she won’t watch them die. Hope is something she’s never known until she meets the intense blue gaze of a stranger.

Evil is coming for Ashley and to save her, Eli succumbs to its call. What he doesn’t count on is her tenacity and the fact that she belongs to him. While he’s fighting to save her, she’s busy bargaining with Lucifer to regain Eli’s soul. The price she’s willing to pay just might end their future together.

These are not your mother’s angels.

"Dark, steamy, sultry romance! A whole new twist on Angels. It has you fanning yourself, the pages turning consistently, and drooling over muscular angels. What is a better way to spend your day? Five stars!" Cutting Muse Blog Review

Step into the steamy, unforgettable fantasy series by Valerie Twombly as she delves into a world of feisty heroines and fallen angels. This story does end on a cliff-hanger and finishes in Veiled In Darkness.
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